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Every week or so, the official Spyro social media page posts new screenshots from the upcoming Reignited Trilogy. And help keep up with them, I'll also post them here. Smile

[Image: 30443330_959296714230776_848143789842235...e=5B5DE983]

[Image: 30706827_961172900709824_312443042970520...e=5B554D48]

[Image: 30738796_964704633689984_422773464245259...e=5B6F220A]
Cool! Please do!

[Image: 31870713_973535029473611_460490718993973...e=5B88906B]

[Image: 32750439_981813858645728_198706375045624...e=5B802DD5]

(Facebook video, click to play)

Is it weird I would want to pet the turtle in its small form?
that's so awesome the Misty Bog art and it is dreamy graphic
and again super cool graphics
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